Community SOL Projects

Learn by Doing

During their second year in the INVST Community Leadership Program, students create their own projects. They develop leadership skills by researching, designing, implementing and evaluating community-based service initiatives. The Community SOL (Serving - Organizing - Leading) Projects, as we call them, serve as models for the students' lifetime endeavors. After completing a Community SOL Project, an INVST student has the tools, skills and experiences they need to become the leaders of local institutions, run for office, or perhaps start their own community-based initiative, non-profit or small business.

There are many impressive examples of past work that INVST students have done for their Community SOL Projects. One year, three INVST students coordinated and hosted an event in which 15 visual artists and 17 performers came together to increase awareness about sexual assault. The INVST student leaders held an event that drew a crowd of over 200. In addition, an estimated 6,000 people saw the visual art displayed during their four-week exhibit. The students practiced skills like event planning, public speaking and media relations while implementing their Community SOL Project.

Community SOL Projects by INVST students have also strengthened the capacity of Boulder Food Rescue; helped start the Student Worker Alliance Program (SWAP), a free English tutoring program for immigrant workers on campus; and fought for passage of Colorado ASSET, state legislation that would help immigrant youth attend college.

Here are some more examples of past INVST student projects:

Halcyon Adolescent Treatment Center

Multi-Media Education and Outreach Project

Safehouse Art Projects

San Juan Del Centro Garden Project

Student Empowerment